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The book dramatically tells the story how Stuart developed the act that Fooled Penn and Teller and finished top ten in the World Championships of Magic in Korea. The e-book is an essential tool that will help you write your act, understand the complex steps of editing and creation of props. If that wasn't enough, there are VIDEO LINKS that SHOW you Stuart's actual rehearsals, good and bad, prop testing, prop failures and more. This act didn't happen over night it took 4 years of hard work and experimentation. It's a book every magician should have.

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Finished top 10 in the WORLD in the World Championships of Magic in Busan Korea!

  • Stuart Fooled Penn and Teller

  • Won more awards in 1 international contest than any magician in HISTORY

  • Finished top 10 in the world

  • Booked all over the world; Italy, Korea, Greece, UK and more!

Stuart MacDonald-Magician

Magician Stuart MacDonald acting his way to stardom...

Stuart MacDonald swept the competition at the 2017 IBM-SAM Combined Convention with his award-winning performance and made history as he claimed all 5 top awards. He was awarded the IBM First Place Stage, SAM First Place Stage, SAM Originality, SAM Silver Medal of Merit (rarely given), and the People's Choice Winner (by a land slide). He also fooled Penn and Teller on the hit TV show Fool Us. The summer of 2018 he competed in the World Championships of Magic and placed in the top ten in General Magic (the largest division). Stuart’s quirky character is NOT a magician. He’s a fish out of water to to speak. Everything happens to him. This well crafted story is just like watching an old Haunted House movie from the 40’s. You’re going to love this act.

Above photos by Michael Messing

Stuart’s ability to transform the stage into another world with his art of storytelling through magic was unparalleled. Truly visionary.
— Alden Harbi, Casting Producer

penn & teller: Fool us, Season 4

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