Stuart MacDonald is not your typical "pick a card, any card" magician. His show is more theater with a magic twist. He takes you through a journey where the magic happens to him. Everything you ever thought of magic is up side down making the experience as close to real magic as you can get.


Stuart MacDonald-Magician

Magician Stuart MacDonald acting his way to stardom...

Stuart MacDonald swept the competition at the 2017 IBM-SAM Combined Convention with his award-winning performance. Stuart literally made history as he claimed the top 5 awards which hasn't been done by anyone in decades. He was awarded with the IBM First Place Stage, SAM First Place Stage, SAM Originality, SAM Silver Medal of Merit (rarely given), and the People's Choice Winner (by a land slide).

Above photos by Arto Airaksinen

Stuart’s ability to transform the stage into another world with his art of storytelling through magic was unparalleled. Truly visionary.
— Alden Harbi, Casting Producer

penn & teller: Fool us, Season 4

Airing this summer, watch as Stuart MacDonald perform in front of a live audience, cameras, lights and Penn and Teller.

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Stuart MacDonald has performed on a variety of stages from off-Broadway to the main stage.

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