Click the button above to get your tickets now. Stuart has been selling out! He’s returning from a successful tour of Europe (UK, Greece and Italy) and the weekend before he appears at the Chenery he’ll be performing in Sweden. After the Chenery it’s off to China and South America. Stuart is truly one of the hottest acts in magic.

This is one of those magic shows you don’t want to miss. He fooled Penn and Teller, won just about every major award in magic including Peoples Choice, the Award of Showmanship, Silver Medal of Merit, Originality Award, the Chavez Cup and winner first place stage for the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. If he is good enough to fool Penn and Teller, well then he’s good enough to fool you too.

PennandTellerFoolUs Stuart MacDonald Fools the heck out of both Penn and Teller with his invention, the mirror. Backstage Stuart showed Teller and it blew him away, Teller: "I'm not at all embarrassed by this fool!" Penn: "A righteous fool." They had not a clue, maybe a theory but nothing concrete and backstage said it all.