Magic Castle Appearance in Hollywood June25-July1

The Castle is proving again that it truly is THE Academy of Magical Arts! They have brought together the top magicians from America competing the World Championships of Magic in Busan South Korea this summer to perform at the Palace of Mystery. It is a huge win for the competitors. Stuart MacDonald included as the TOP contender in the USA will join the cast of Eric Buss and Steve Owen. They will have the opportunity to perform and tune in their performances in almost 30 shows in a week prior to the world competition. This is the first gathering of its kind to help performers from the USA to refine, improve, audience test and warm up their acts prior to competition. Normally this is done individually but thanks to Jack Goldfinger, Chris Randal and Eric Buss an American Dream Team has been formed.  A big thank you to The Magic Castle for this opportunity just a week before competition.