IBM / SAM Combined Convention Historical WIN!

The only way to FISM world championships is to compete in the FISM North American Championships. This has always been a goal of Stuart's and now that dream has come true in a way that made magic history. Not only did Stuart win the competition he won every award but 1 and that's never been done.

What makes this win remarkable is the journey from a massive failure attempt in 2014 to compete in Italy to a sweeping win only 3 years later. It was extraordinary and anyone there would tell you, Stuart really made magic happen. The smiles and cheers as the awards kept coming was a stunning moment in the packed theater. Award after award, 5 in all, were bestowed to Stuart with 5 standing ovations by his peers. Nothing in magic has happened quite like this in our country.

The name Seabiscuit comes to mind why this win is so big. Stuart, a magician who was out of the magic circles for years was forgotten by his peers. He was good in his time but he's gone on to other thing, was on everyone's mind. The race horse Seabiscuit was a symbol of hope for the country during the great depression. When he won it was victory that brought the country together. Stuart did the same thing but for the world of magic. People will say, you had to be there to understand the joy Stuart's victory brought everyone. He made history and it's just the beginning of his story.