Rising To The Top

All those years of touring, interacting with people and different cultures and even going back to college has spawned a creative growth period like I've never experienced before. Years ago I was the "go to" performer for any corporate event or college performance. I was the "safe" act. Dependable, punctual, clean and delivered a magic performance like no other. The problem I faced early in my career was that I was playing it safe. I was great, but I was no different than any of the other great magicians. I was forced to wait in the batter box for my chance to shine amongst industry professionals, but that time never came. There were too many magicians that were like me and ahead of me in line. So whoever was there first stayed first...until now.

Over the past 5 years I've been working on writing a new show. I tossed out everything that was Magic Stu—my costumes, my music, my personality. All of it, GONE. The only way I was going to come back was to come back in a way that was fresh, innovative and most importantly, first. So I got to work.

Unfortunately, my first performance was not a hit. To say the least,  I bombed, badly. It was the biggest national magic convention in the country and I bombed. However, something stirred in me and I started asking questions, lots of them.

Within 30 days of bombing the biggest magic competition outside of the world championships I was gearing up to perform in the second biggest magic competition, the Texas Association of Magicians Convention (TAOM). In preparation for TAOM, I needed to figure out how to be successful once again.  I toiled for weeks on end. I tossed out everything (again) and applied a new costume, new plot and music. And this time, I walked away not only the winner of TAOM but was told that no one had a scorecard like mine in 15 years! I was awarded “Best of Convention” and 2 years later I was getting booked at nearly every major convention in the country. Now, my eyes are set on the goal of competing in the World Championships of Magic (FISM) in Korea, 2018.

My act not only took off, it became a phenomenon! Shortly after TAOM, I get a call from The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I've never gotten a call from The Magic Castle, and now they call? They said they wanted my new act! My performance there just killed. It was awesome. But then it gets better.

Weeks later, I get a call from the CW network and a casting producer for the TV show Penn and Teller: Fool Us says he wants me to perform in front of Penn and Teller! Now, I know something special is happening. My experience performing on Penn and Teller: Fool Us was like no other, it was simply amazing and all I can say is that my act killed. You’ll see soon enough when the episode airs this summer.

My story doesn’t end there. Literally weeks after that performance I get contacted by another casting producer. I don't know how it happened but America's Got Talent calls…

My first manager Bob Kramer once told me, “talent seeks its own level.” If that statement is true, it is very apparent that my new show is rising all on its own merit.