The Magic Castle is MAGIC

Stuart MacDonald Performance at The Magic Castle Achieving a life long dream of appearing at the Magic Castle! Magic really does exist but not in the form you think. I am a professional magician and have longed to appear at the world famous Magic Castle for as long as I can remember. When the dream finally came true I was apprehensive. Questions about my level of talent measuring up or would the Castle NOT be anything that I have imagined. This worried me a little. Think of it, from when you were a kid you have always wanted to be selected to appear at "The Castle." But the adult voice creates a scene from Vacation and finding out that Wally World is closed, or you meet a movie star who won an Oscar for playing the best friend and you find out that he or she is a jerk.

The Magic Castle was EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be. I arrived and was greeted by Jack Goldfinger, yes that's his name. Jack is a world class magician and philosopher. He has his own language called "Jackanese" and it's wonderful. My favorite quote from him is "without pressure there is no diamonds." This is exactly how I felt. The pressure of living up to the quality of the magicians who appear here was real but there was a presence in the Castle that instantly calmed me. The many magicians who have come before me still vibrate within the walls. I really felt their influence on my mind, call it crazy but it was real and all magicians feel it. The Castle is really a magical place. Heck the only way anyone can get in as an audience member is to be a member of the club or know a magician and get invited. The place is always packed. A ticket to the Castle is currency in Hollywood and LA.

What I hope to pass on to you is to dream big, dream often but don't dream to meet someone or dream to be famous. Dream for yourself and betterment of your own endeavors. The reward is transformational and you will experience the magic of living a dream come true.